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Open Your Eyes and Mind in the Land of Smiles, Thailand Thailand is a country of ancient temples and modern urbanization, a rainbow of traditions and cultures mostly affected by Buddhism. The scenic beauty can be ecstatic with its world famous beaches and rocky mountains.  The unique architecture of its ancient temples and Buddhist monasteries […]


Cultural Differences and Way of Live in Vietnam: Simplified Living that Will Inspire When any discussion comes about in terms of certain hotspots and exciting destinations in Asia, people are often curious to debate the differences in culture, quality of living, cost of living and way of life between certain nations. Of course there are […]


Living or Visiting Daegu: An Oxymoron Wrapped Up in Itself There are many people in South Korea and outside of the nation that have tried to characterize the city of Daegu. It has been labeled as the center of the textile industry in the country and the city itself has also tried to define itself […]


Bhutan, a landlocked country, is located in South Asia and is nestled on the eastern edge of the Himalayas. Because of its geographical location, Bhutan was at one time, one of the most difficult countries to reach by outsiders. Increased modernization with the Internet, telephones, and television have allowed Bhutan to balance modern culture with […]